Friday, 19 December 2008


Look! I heard them pour
On the roof with a feeble uproar
Cascading the tiny gaps of the door
Into my mind, away from the shore.

They boiled hotter brimming with doubt.
I wondered what all the chaos was about
They told me they were my problems
And were waiting for a chance to sprout.

I wondered with utmost amaze
Is this my life or just a phase?
I smiled and said “Be my guest”…
Stay for long, this is your nest…

They were more than happy to stay
They troubled me indeed everyday
But I smiled with having nothing to say…
Rather than seeking Mirth,
With them I started to play.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008


We despise to say goodbye
Yet we have to bid farewell
Prayer of a tryst we can eye
An idyllic hope we can foretell

The future is concealed in curtain,
The waters are uncertain
Wishing you mirth brighter than a lantern
Wishing you a life without a burden.
Farewell, we utter with pain
Farewell in incandescence or rain
Farewell in frivolity and sane,
Farewell, hoping you have a lot to gain.

This Moment would come, we never knew
Hoping you live all the dreams you pursue,
For a person with fabric of varied hue
Few Humble hearts biding you adieu.