Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A vague song of an estranged Marrow

She paused; she heard a moan of pain throttling her uvula.
Should I struggle or be content?  Should I stay or perish, she asked.
Again, she paused; a stifled sob slipped out stealthily.
Long silence followed, ­then again, her voice, the putrid dusk stirred.

She wrenches her arm with aimless vigor and shrieks like a feline phantom.
Gliding along the vermilion walls, she murmurs words that rhyme.
Come to me, beckons her haunted memories bedecked in silver geranium.
I cannot come my love, she says, for I fear dark blankets and Chime.

The ineffable prophecy of my sorrow tells me I yet have the inner swarm,                                                                                                        
Like a soft spot on a ruthless man, like a desolate widow’s lone revelry.
If only I could cede my delusion, as if it was a cavernous storm,
My undying hope shall not be nugatory as a fleeting reverie.

Untangling her frizzy hair with fingers brown, Some tears of feign she shed.
The tears that fall unfelt, forging truth with perennial guile. 
Her love does not revive mirth anymore; her fear touches none with dread.
Her sorrow cuddles none with pain; her life embraces none for a while.
There were moments when her amour was hourly heard as hourly spoken.
When the long, sunny days of bliss, sparkled like a gleaming beacon of hope.
Where the moon juiced out all its light and filled her cup of faith unbroken
Her sparkling three winks of time, Still never dreaming of the two- faced strop.

But again how could she refrain from slipping into the vicious scheme of dubious life.
To bruise round her fallen utopia, that drops feigned tears upon her barrow
She cares no longer and desires to leave, where she can rest her inward strife.
But, before she goes by, she sings a vague song of an estranged marrow.

Preeti Venkateshan.

Ps- The picture displayed is not my personal property.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Comic Strip 7 - Curiosity goes to Mars !

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Comic Strip 6 - Curiosity goes to a New Year Party

Here is my first comic strip for the year 2014. Wishing you all a prosperous year ahead !!

What's up 2014 ?

It is that time of the year, where I rekindle my memories and see “What have I done so far”.

Facebook had an option to highlight the special moments of 2013. I said to myself, “How would you know Facebook? Let me write one myself”.

Firstly, I survived a year. I had presumed the world would end on 21 December 2012 and I was so sure it would be due to tsunami as I live quite close to the sea. Maybe I was destined to see another Revolution of the earth! 

I have always told my image in the mirror, “I do not like your body,” and this year I realized what happens to a person if the body replies,” I do not like you too”. Honestly, every limb hates me  Now how good is that?

2013, the year is special to me for so many reasons.
I speak in present tense, as the year is not over.
Like every year, this year I had my own set of enlightenment, without sitting under a tree.

My life is like watching a tennis match.
The match, where the two players are contradictory. Where one player
represents innocent people with pathetic lives and the other player represents pathetic people with luxurious lives

I realized everybody’s lives are complicated nevertheless few do not deserve to be treated that well or that worse.

I always wonder whom should I look up to, the ones whose lives are unfortunate and feel how lucky I am to breathe air, and to see another day or should I look up to people above me and wonder why can’t I be there if those morons can make it . 

The tennis got too tiring so I embarked on playing squash with my conscience… Playing against your own walls with your own balls, saved a lot of my "Your brain time". 

I developed an unfettered reverence for Middle Eastern movies. Their flair to stick to who they are and their confidence about what they believe in, amazed me. For a change, I realized not all throw bombs and molest women and Children. 

I made new friends on Facebook and blogger, mainly through the world of web, lost few, got blocked, blocked couple of stalkers. My Facebook year ends with 251 amazing people in my quote unquote “friend’s list”. I reduced it from 850… so someone’s fortunate, is it not? (bad humor) 
I profoundly thank each one of you for being there and being receptive of all the stupid things I say and Photoshop-ed pictures, I upload. For those kindhearted people who are willing to meet me, Facebook is deceptive. 

For the first time ever in the history of my life, 2013 recorded the least amount of fights I have ever had with anybody. The reason being I hardly interacted with humans on a personal level. However, I managed to get blocked by some people for unknown reasons. Wish I had the option to like them. 

The most important aspect of this year on a personal level was to see my baby grow. 
Every inch of what she does makes me forget all the pain and I could not have done anything without the support of my family and good friends; Thank you so much for that. 

I embarked on cartooning this year, just another step in the gigantic world of creativity.
I am so happy to be the recipient of, the support and encouragement of my family and friends. 

My writings were published; my dream of becoming a writer is taking her baby steps now. 

To summarize 2013 has been a good year for me. It does not imply I was devoid of adversities. Fortunately, time has taught me how to move on with it. Moreover, this year especially, I am glad for every second spent on this planet because I know even while I am typing this, there would be millions out there, struggling to breathe. 

If I had to choose a song to represent my life that would be “Bitter sweet symphony” by The Verve.
I walk my life, in my path no matter what, despite all turbulences. You like me then you may walk with me, if you do not, that is fine, you were not destined to be with me at all.
I can’t change my mold, I can’t walk your path as I'm here in my mold …I'm a million different people from one day to the next and I can't change my mold.

I feel guilty for having a good life while the others struggle, I may not be helpful or I may not go out in the streets making a difference, May be I just have good intentions that is not put to action... But I believe in my destiny. If there is something for me to do, I know I will do it. Maybe my time has not come and maybe it will! Until then, I choose to refuse to believe in what others say about my baby steps, “You are just an empty vessel”.

That is about it, a boring and narcissistic view of my 364 days.
The fact that I survived to see another day brings me immense joy.

A very prosperous 2014 to all of you.

May time give you the chivalry and tenacity to move on with your complicated lives, with an immaculate smile

Comic Strip 5 - Curiosity meets Santa.

Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate the most beautiful festival of the year . 

Comic Strip -4 Curiosity goes to Prison.

New Woman

Another poem from the past.
I was an ambitious adolescent, my dreams were more about changing the world than finding my Prince charming.
My Why's, Whats's, How's and When's isolated me from the social life I yearned to have but that had never stopped me from speaking up and staying put for what I believed in..
Coming back to the present times:If I read this poem now, I am embraced with mixed emotions.
I don't know if I should feel happy for having such big thoughts and ambitions at the age of 12 or feel sad that I have failed myself completely.
The Irony is I found my Prince charming but couldn't do anything about changing the world.. My ambitions were reversed 
Year- 1998, Poem- New Woman !!!!

New Woman

Oh Beautiful ! For you are the woman who has risen,
From the fettered graves of your affiliated slavery.
Guiding the pain through the closed walls of your inner horizon.
You have nurtured a tempest through the ashes of your cindered reverie.
Pioneering a path that you shall never return
To the mourning realm of your serrated past.
Alienation of the proletariat can never be deferred.
You just had to move places as the dice was already cast.
But now,
You are empowered to swallow freedom in your ravenous trap.
And to carve the words that was meant to be spoken.
Incinerating the ethical norms and sacrilegious scrap.
You have borne a self imposed rule meant to be broken.

Preeti Venkateshan

One of my favorite painting Artist- Amrita Sher- Gil

Amrita Shergill, an eminent Indian painting artist, a stunningly beautiful woman with an amazing talent. Amrita's art has influenced generations of Indian artists and her depiction of the plight of women has made her art a beacon for women at large both in India and abroad. A classic artist who flawlessly imbibed the complexities of her life within her beautiful paintings. The beauty about her work is the intricate yet innate marination of modern sensibilities with traditional values.
Of all her beautiful paintings, I liked this one.. It is a self painting nevertheless there is something about the picture and her expression that makes me want to look back a million times.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Comic Strip 3- Curiosity has a Tiff !

Yet another Comic strip .
Cartooning has become my way of venting out all my restlessness.
So more stress more Comic Strips :)

Monday, December 2, 2013

Comic Strip -2 " Curiosity has a Nightmare"

Here it is, My second Comic Strip. 
"Curiosity has a Nightmare"
I was watching The Lion King with my baby and then I thought why not ??
In this cartoon strip I chose not to give a face to the baboon because according to me he represents us, the public  
The best part is I am learning to use Photoshop for a completely different purpose. 
Learning something new is so refreshing 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My First Comic Strip

Cartooning has always been my " I can't get my hands on" type of Passion. 
Being an ardent fan of R K Laxman ,I have always had the urge to create characters and situations of my own,depicting the world from my window space.
Unfortunately, my passion was not possible as I had the drawing skill of a 3 year old or may be even worse.
However ,with changing times, I have discovered an alternative approach to quench my thirst for cartooning.
It is Digital but never mind.
Fortunately,I had the opportunity to create the characters, script, background, and props all by myself.
So touch of pen or touch of optical mouse,here is my First Cartoon Strip.
I call it Curiosity Crower.
This is about her everyday life. It could be lame and stupid but it's hers' truly .

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sikhs vs Sheiks

The Life of an Indian living abroad is amusing,especially if you are living in a country that has very less Indian population or quote unquote brown skinned people.
They ask me if I were from Hindu.
Initially, I presumed the problem was their pronunciation but then I realized that according to them, Hindu is a country.

Cold stares, happy smiles, curious looks and questionnaires have become a normal ritual for us.

One such conversation,in a small shop, in Spain.

Are you from Pakistan?
No? I am from India.
What is the difference?


And in France;

French lady : Are you Hindu.. 
Me: Yes I am..
French Lady: Bien, I have an Asian friend.. 
Me: I am an Asian.. 
French Lady: But you tell me you are Hindu.. 
Me: I am both.. 
French Lady: Pas possible, You are very funny.. 
Me: Yes I am all the three, Now Please shoot me !!! 

So, thereby

My conclusion drawn from their curious questions are;

Indians are Arabs .
Indians are not Asians
Sikhs are Sheikhs.

However this does not represent everybody in the western world nor do we expect them to know everything about us .

The irony is we are clueless too.

This is about the hostility few pursue just because we are not like them.

White supremacy is a latent stigma .

It is one of the perils of the Human Civilization.
Unfortunately man does not inherently choose to be biased, he is wired that way. 

I trust it is going to take more time,education, exposure and migration to understand each other well. But what about the loss of lives..?

So let us get one thing clear.

We, the Indians, are not from Pakistan, we are not Anti -Semitic, Jews or Arabs.

We respect them but we are not them and no matter who we all are, none of us deserve to be shot.

This video is one of the best I have found so far. 

It is really sad that the show has been cancelled. 
TRP's rule.

Sikhs Vs Sheikhs